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Taal Volcano & Tagaytay

„It´s more fun in the Phillipines“ – This is true. Most of the time, however. I had a blast on my trips to this beatiful country. However, travelling for a long time, you cannot avoid a disappointment every once in a while. Like what… Continue Reading „Taal Volcano & Tagaytay“

Travelling the Philippines – the perfect itinerary

The Philippines is comprised of over 7000 islands. This raises the question where one should go. Travelling the Philippines, though fun, is not as straight-forward as in Vietnam or Thailand, where the main choice is North to South or vice versa. One has to… Continue Reading „Travelling the Philippines – the perfect itinerary“

Sablayan (Mindoro)

In Southern Mindoro lies a place with a beautiful landscape, white sandy beaches and the biggest Atoll-Reef in the world: Sablayan. The small city situated 6 hours away from Puerto Galera also has tourism sector that is in the process of being developed. This… Continue Reading „Sablayan (Mindoro)“

Puerto Galera (Mindoro)

South of the Luzon, about 5 hours from Manila, lies the Mindoro, an island that is visited by only few western tourists. Nonetheless, it has everything to offer what you could wish for in the Philippines: white beaches, romantic islets, corral reefs and a… Continue Reading „Puerto Galera (Mindoro)“


In January 2018 the Philippine Province of Bicol was in the news because of the eruption of the Mount Mayon. 40.000 people in the immediate vicinity of the volcano had to be evacuated. A few months later, in March, the moody giant seemed to… Continue Reading „Legazpi“


In northern Luzon, just 2 hours from Banaue, lies another tourist magnet. Sagada is a small town in the Mountain Province and can be reached by van or bus. The ride is not exactly pleasent, but well worth it. Like the name suggests, the… Continue Reading „Sagada“


White sandy beaches, idyllic islands, lush palm trees and dense jungle – this is what the Philippines is known for. However, if you want to discover a different side of this island nation, you should visit Banaue in the north of Luzon. Banaue lies… Continue Reading „Banaue“

El Nido (Palawan)

El Nido is neither a pretty town, nor is it a party place or a town where you can relax. However, El Nido does not have to be either of these things, because it sports the most beautiful landscapes and islets in the Philippines,… Continue Reading „El Nido (Palawan)“

Port Barton (Palawan)

If you are visiting Palawan, chances are that you will arrive in Puerto Princesa and want to make your way to El Nido. However, flights are not that cheap, and an 8 hour ride in a crowded van across bad roads is not for… Continue Reading „Port Barton (Palawan)“

Puerto Princesa (Palawan)

Palawan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines. While most backpackers are naturally drawn towards the scenic islets and majestic lime stone rocks of El Nido, going to Puerto Princesa in the south has a few advantages: It is… Continue Reading „Puerto Princesa (Palawan)“